Foster Care Lifebook Life Story Memory Book Printable 41 pages (PDF Download)


Included in this Lifebook for Foster Children are 41 pages which capture the wide variety of moments we all want to remember for the children in our care. My husband and I are licensed foster parents and have adopted 2 children from the foster system as well. When I was trying to help our daughter compile a lifebook for herself, we struggled to find something that looked fun and cohesive. I did buy her one that I found but it was dated and ugly and emphasized her being a foster child (which she disliked) so she didn’t want to use it, and it sits in a pile somewhere.

With this book, I have tried to include a variety of pages that would be important to foster children. There are pages for parents but also for important people. Many of these kids come from situations where their caregivers are not parents and the idea of a family tree is completely foreign. The pages for parents are given in 2 options. Example: Birthmother and Mother. For our daughter, it felt awkward to call her mom…her “birthmother” especially when she was still having visits. So, pages are offered either way for your preference. Some pages have places for pictures, but there are two separate pages included just for pictures so that you can include pictures wherever you like.

When I used this with our foster children, I printed off the full set of pages when they came to stay with us. I put the pages in page protectors…but you could simply hole punch them as well. Over the months they stayed, I added in in grade cards, medical records, birthday cards and anything that documents their time in our family. This has worked well for so many others. I’m confident that if you are a foster family or social worker, they will work for you too!

Only 32 pages are pictured but there are actually 41 included. Pages have been added since this was originally created. If you have additional page ideas that you think would be helpful, please let me know.

The pages included are:
My Life Story title page
When I was Born
About Me
My Family Tree
My Birth Mother
My Mother
My Foster Mother
My Adoptive Mother
My Birth Father
My Father
My Foster Father
My Adoptive Father
My Siblings
My Foster Siblings
My Guardian
Important People in My Life
Foster Family (photo page)
Guardian Family (photo page)
About My Foster Family
About My Guardian’s Family
My Prayer For You
The Day You Came
My House
Foster Parents Thoughts and Memories
Guardian’s Thoughts and Memories
My Hopes and Dreams
Travel & Adventures
Childhood Favorites
I’m growing Month by Month
Happy Birthday
School Days
Photo Pages (2 included)
Blank Letter for writing to parents
Good Parents -talk about what makes a good parent with your foster child
How I feel
Sometimes I think about (journaling and drawing page)
Memories journaling page
Family Medical Information – journaling page
Blank journaling/drawing page

This is a digital file of 41 pages in PDF format. All sales are final due to the nature of digital files.