History of Halloween Ebook & Timeline Activity


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Have you ever wondered where  the history of Halloween originated and how the various cultural and religious traditions have blended and changed overtime to become the holiday we have in the 21st century. In this ebook, we visit the holidays of Samhain, All Saint’s Day, All Soul’s Day and Reformation Day. And we also look at the tradition of trick or treat specifically to see how it started and changed over the centuries.

Also included are Halloween Conversation Questions to facilitate deeper questions about these holidays and encourage your family to see what the Bible says about specific traditions that are sometimes associated with Halloween. The Bible verses are not included.

In addition, a printable timeline activity is included to help your family “place” when different events in Halloween history happened.

This ebook is not designed to tell you what to believe. It is designed to give you the overview of the different holidays that influence modern day Halloween so you can use that information to talk with your kids.